Let’s face it: We all KNOW that eating healthy CONSISTENTLY is an important part of making fitness 'stick'.  We know where to shop, what to buy and we're pretty good at eating healthy.  And we all know that sometimes it falls apart.  Work, soccer practice, scout meetings, fundraisers, school concerts, prepping for an upcoming trip, or any number of things gets in the way of PLANNING - much less COOKING - healthy dinners on a regular basis. Who has time for that?  In our house, it seems our "Sandwich Generation" barely gets time for a sandwich!

Most people who know me, know that my strength is definitely NOT meal planning the fresh food I enjoy eating.  I readily share an easy, quick recipe that I've had success with because I want to save anyone I can from the pain of last-minute (read: poor) choices that result from no plan.  And, when I finally make time to cook, wouldn't you know it - one thing I REALLY need is missing.  Did I mention poor planning?

Over the years, I’ve tried a bunch of different meal planning tools—and I've recommended whatever I've used if I liked the results.  The thing is - they were missing flexibility, choices or easy ways to find meals for multiple 'eating types' at home. ​

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Then, I found Real Plans.  And suddenly, meal planning has become not just doable, but flexible, and kinda fun (not to mention beautiful to look at on my iPad!).  Real Plans is a whole foods meal planner that’s helped me plan and make meals I enjoy.  And, nutrition information for any recipe is included!  You can even choose from a variety of meal types - Paleo, vegetarian, traditional, etc.  And - YOU GET GROCERY LISTS - organized to check what you already have & SAVE TIME at the store.  So check it out & tell me what you think the next time you're in the gym!  By the way, you can also import your own recipes into Real Plans  by simply pointing it at a website? Yep. You can include your own favorite recipes!